"It's easy to understand, why 'Memphis,' now electrifying the stage at the John W. Engeman Theater at Northport, won four Tony Awards, including best musical...Igor Goldin, the director, and Antoinette DiPietropolo, the choreographer, have gone all out to showcase the talents of their limber and exuberant cast. And the actors run with it."
- Aileen Jacobson, THE NEW YORK TIMES
"'Memphis,' the 2010 Tony winner for best musical, makes its Long Island premiere at the John W. Engeman Theater at Northport with a rollicking celebration of a genre once derogated as 'race music.'… Igor Goldin, Engeman's go-to director of musicals, delivers the goods with help from James Olmstead's rocking band, Antoinette DiPietropolo's flashy choreography framed by DT Willis' cavernous set and accessorized by Tristan Raines' costumes… this fine cast makes it feel authentic."
- Steve Parks, NEWSDAY
"If you're looking for an entertaining evening of theater, then look no further than Northport. The John W. Engeman Theater's current production of Memphis is full of great acting, fantastic singing and fun music…Directed here by Igor Goldin with choreography by Antoinette DiPietropolo, Memphis is a rock-and-roll good time for all…This cast is simply wonderful. Filled with talent, each voice seems to be better than the next." 
- Kristen Weyer, NY THEATRE GUIDE
"The multi Tony award winner, directed excellently by Igor Goldin, runs at the gorgeous venue through May 8th and I cannot say enough about this brilliant production. The cast, the passion, the creative team... everything is just top-notch."
- Melissa Giordano, BROADWAYWORLD.COM
"Well, hockadoo! The John W. Engeman Theater was full of soul last Saturday night, engaging theatergoers with a sizzling production of 'Memphis' that raised the roof and culminated with a five-minute standing ovation…Don't miss this wonderful high-energy production, a perfect ending to a night out on the town."
- Heidi Sutton, TBR NEWSMEDIA
"The award-winning Igor Goldin, who has directed some of Engeman's finest productions, is once again at the helm and his work is impeccable."
- Elise Pearlman, LONG ISLAND PRESS
"The talent is undeniable, the music is catchy and inspirational, and the energy in the theater is palpable…the cast received a standing ovation from the entire house."
- Claudia D. Wheeler,, VILLAGE TATTLER

West Side Story
"From the first sinewy notes of Leonard Bernstein's music and the first hard-edged finger snaps of glowering young men prowling across the stage, it's clear that the production of "West Side Story" at the John W. Engeman Theater at Northport is on the right track…Igor Goldin, the director; Jeffry Denman, the choreographer; and Trey Compton, the assistant director and fight choreographer, have found the balance between a realistic portrayal of violence and an artful depiction of it…More important, they have resurrected the emotional urgency of a show that may now seem touchingly antiquated with its comic-relief interludes and clean-cut juvenile delinquents…"
- Aileen Jacobson, THE NEW YORK TIMES
"Arguably the greatest American musical, "West Side Story" lost the 1958 Tony for best musical to "The Music Man." Igor Goldin, who previously directed "The Music Man" for the Engeman Theater, now has directed both shows on the Northport stage...A side-by-side comparison proves -- again -- that "West Side Story" was robbed...But a masterpiece that requires more than competent execution doesn't often measure up to its inspired source material. The Engeman's "West Side Story" is a rare, not-to-be-missed opportunity to truly appreciate an American theatrical treasure...Sondheim, the sole surviving "West Side Story" creator, would be proud, we believe."
- Steve Parks, NEWSDAY
"The John W. Engeman Theatre of Northport has mounted a truly exquisite production of the iconic Tony winning musical West Side Story…The Broadway caliber cast is absolutely divine under the fantastic direction of Igor Goldin…To put it plainly, West Side Story is indeed another "must see"
- Melissa Giordano, BROADWAYWORLD.COM
"Under Igor Goldin's masterful direction at the Engeman Theater, the cast brings this New Age Romeo and Juliet, this blend of light and dark, hope and heartache, comedy and despair, to glorious fruition."
- Elise Pearlman, LONG ISLAND PRESS
"This gift to musical theater hit the boards at the Engeman two weeks ago, and the boards are still rattling…Overall direction was in the always capable hands of Igor Goldin ("The Producers," "Evita"). If one prescinds from the dance numbers, his blocking and interpretation efforts were carried through with exemplary professionalism…All elements of the production were masterfully integrated into a sophisticated, articulated and authentic whole."
- Charles J. Morgan, TBR NEWSMEDIA
"No matter your previous experience, be it great or small, familiar or new, the Engeman Theater's wonderful production of West Side Story will send you home humming...Along the way are fabulous songs, and energetic dance and enthusiastic choreography by Jeffry Denman...The entire cast of this performance is fabulous...The large ensemble performs superbly...Regardless of your familiarity with West Side Story, this production is worth seeing."
- Kristen Weyer, NY THEATRE GUIDE
"… neither director Igor Goldin, nor choreographer Jeffry Denman, need drop William Shakespeare's magic name to win accolades for the energetic undertaking,,,Just when we thought that 'The Music Man'– and 'A Chorus Line' couldn't be topped … along comes director Goldin with this superbly sung and choreographed show. It's a staging that'll make you glad you came to Northport's swanky Main Street playhouse for a look see."

Sweeney Todd
"The excellent diction of the entire cast, under the able direction of Igor Goldin, makes it possible for all of Sondheim's delicious lyrics to be savored. Goldin updates the setting to post-World War II London, with members of the chorus punching a time clock as they enter Czerton Lim's industrial-looking, multi-level unit set. (In a lovely touch, Todd's murdered victims punch out as they walk off the set.)…Merry-Go-Round's excellent production does full justice to Sondheim's wit and artistry in this musical theater gem."
"The production is not the typical splashy, toe-tapping musical that often takes place at the festival, but with its intricate melodies and gripping story audiences can't help but be hooked on this production of Sweeney Todd under the brilliant direction of Igor Goldin."
- Natasha Ashley, NY THEATRE GUIDE

ane Austen’s PRIDE AND PREJUDICE a musical
"As one would hope, La Mirada's production is beautifully mounted and staged, with artful direction by Igor Goldin, period-accurate choreography by Jeffry Denman and lavish costumes by Ann Closs-Farley…As sumptuous is Josh Zangen's scenic design, which eschews cumbersome full-size sets in favor of modular elements that swing, roll or fly into place. The resulting effect is literary-like, as each of the book's scenes materializes or dissolves in Austen's imagination… Goldin's cast couldn't be better… Key to the staging's success is that its satirical touch is applied with a light hand. Audiences are also likely to chuckle whenever Malone's Austen revises the story on the fly – a reminder of the continuous dance between artistic spirits and the creative process."
"Even to Jane Austen fans, the notion of reworking Pride and Prejudice with a score may seem ill-advised, if inevitable. Happily, the outcome is thoroughly enjoyable. In Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, A Musical, a world premiere directed by Igor Goldin…the accomplished book by Lindsay Warren Baker and Amanda Jacobs, who also created the music and lyrics, retains much of Austen's wry humor and narrative voice… If you've ever longed to hear Fitzwilliam Darcy belt out his admiration for Elizabeth's "Fine Eyes," now is your chance." 
- Jenny Lower, LA WEEKLY
"All have their say and every character stays true to form in this most popular of Austen's novels, which makes watching it through Jane's eyes ever the more entertaining and charming… Baker (Music, Lyric, Book/additional vocal arrangements and Jacobs (Music, Lyrics, Book/Orchestrations and Arrangement) along with director Igor Goldin seem to have a formula for moving past the traditional big blockbuster musicals… By putting a new twist on a big canvas idea and bringing it down to a manageable size and mounting a developing story using minimal but effective sets (Josh Zangen) is no easy task as we watch everything fall into place seamlessly… Utilizing an outstanding and talented cast of musical theatre professionals with a thirteen member orchestra in the pit makes "Pride and Prejudice" a satisfying new work that's both entertaining and charming from start to finish."
- Carol Davis, EXAMINER
"Igor Goldin directs this handsome, even enchanting production."
- Jean Lowerison, San Diego GLN
"Jane Austen's Pride And Prejudice, A Musical is practically perfect in every way…and with director Igor Goldin at the peak of his talents and choreographer Jeffry Denman inventing ways of making Regency dances fresh, funny, and new (and having red-coated soldiers soar with balletic grace), Baker and Jacobs' book, music, and lyrics themselves take flight."
- Steven Stanley, STAGE SCENE LA

The Producers
"What's not to like about the bubbly, bodacious production of "The Producers"? Nothing, really, and there is a lot to enjoy…Igor Goldin, the director, has captured the fizzy showbiz joy that permeates the musical…It's a delight to rediscover the many clever turns of this fabulous comedy."
- Aileen Jacobson, THE NEW YORK TIMES
"You're in for a musical treat in Engeman Theater's season finale…As directed by Igor Goldin and choreographed by Antoinette DiPietropolo to James Olmstead's orchestra, "The Producers" goes all out to stretch our PC boundaries. As it should."
- Steve Parks, NEWSDAY
"I want to express the deepest gratitude to the director, Igor Goldin, for not directing his actors into a corner with this show. Each and every person onstage had a story to tell, and not just some façade to put on…each member of the ensemble had fantastic individuality and characterization…Though, it's the joint effort between the lead players and supporting players that create magic on that stage, and this cast did just that."
"Igor Goldin, who directed the Engeman's Encore Award-winning Music Man in 2013, is at the helm for The Producers, and the cast couldn't be in better hands. Goldin has his mile-a-minute machine perfectly tuned—it purrs like a kitten when appropriate, and roars like a lion when suitable…fasten your seat belts, folks…you're off on a non-stop…rip-roaring ride at The Engeman Theater from now thru July 12…you'll be laughing yourself silly."
"Directed by Igor Goldin, The Producers is a crazy, sidesplitting musical… The John W. Engeman Theater has once again delivered a wonderful show…a must see."
- Kristen Weyer, NY THEATRE GUIDE
"Having seen the original Broadway production of "The Producers," I knew the ride I was in for. What I didn't expect, as a first-time John W. Engeman Theater at Northport audience member, was the caliber of the cast and overall production to be on par with the likes of the Great White Way…My hat goes off to the production team. I know firsthand how challenging it can be to adapt for the "small stage." With limited space for such a large-scale production, Director Igor Goldin and Scenic Designer Daniel Willis pull off an exceptional flow to the show as the well-cast actors and seasoned dancers moved seamlessly through the vibrant, high-quality, multifunctional set pieces... With a packed house on their feet as the curtain closed on the farewell number "Goodbye," the resounding applause begged to stay for more…Congratulations to the cast and crew on producing a must see! A number of season ticket holders after the show said this is one of the best Engeman has ever done."
"Choreography was by the ubiquitous and deeply talented Antoniette DiPietropolo with direction by Igor Goldin…Goldin was similarly charged with clear individualization and interpretation of characters. He succeeded handily…This was a beautifully mounted production."
- Charles M. Morgan, TBR NEWSMEDIA

"With Baby (Directed by Igor Goldin), Infinity Theatre Company surpasses the high expectations raised over five years of bringing professional New York City productions to Annapolis each summer."
- Jane C. Elkin, BAY WEEKLY
"This production (using the revised libretto produced by Paper Mill Playhouse) solidifies its place in my ear and in my heart as one of the best kept secrets of musical theatre…Director Igor Goldin uses his supporting ensemble to keep the show flowing with style...Maybe this one will be the next lost treasure Infinity will bring to Broadway. Yeah, Baby!" 
- Jeffrey Walker, DC THEATRE SCENE
"…an astonishing musical chock-full of jovial lyrics, rich vocals, and clever choreography…directed by Igor Goldin…three couples made up of six terrific singers and the talented ensemble offer powerful vocals that will wow audiences. You don't have had to experience the joys of parenthood to enjoy this superb musical."
- Danielle Angeline. DC METRO THEATER ARTS
"Directed by Igor Goldin and music direction by Jeffrey Lodin, Annapolis is in for a professional New York production. What was most entertaining was the lyrical banter, quick and poignant, sweet and real. I was laughing and crying, sometimes at the same time...It was absolutely fantastic!"

"American Theater Group (ATG), New Jersey's newest professional theater company, is currently producing a blockbuster musical, tick, tick....BOOM! …It features a multi-talented cast, excellent staging and a stunningly original score. The show enjoys great direction by Igor Goldin and inspired musical direction by Vince di Mura… The cast of three, Nicholas Park as Jonathan, Shannon O'Boyle as Susan and Michael Luwoye as Michael, are perfectly cast in their roles with acting talent and vocals that are absolutely superb."
- Marina P. Kennedy, BROADWAYWORLD.COM
"Igor Goldin has elicited solid performances from his cast and keeps everything moving at a brisk pace… tick, tick... BOOM! is a youthfully alive, fun musical."

Twelve Angry Men
"…the vivid intensity that Mr. Goldin and his committed cast bring to the proceedings overrides any sentimentality or cliché. This is a riveting evening of theater, even for those who saw the movie, the fine 2004 production by the Roundabout Theater on Broadway or any other version… Mr. Goldin, the director, infuses the action with contemporary immediacy and brings a soundly written play to a satisfying conclusion."
- Aileen Jacobson, THE NEW YORK TIMES
"Twelve men sitting around a table might have caused the inevitable threat of upstaging, but Director Igor Goldin, with an impressive resume and credits, handled it all with outstanding skill in blocking and interpretation of 12 differing, even opposed, personalities. It required that skill both to ward off that nemesis stasis and to sharply delineate the characters. A daunting task, yet Goldin's talent shone through. To keep a one-room set with 12 characters is to invite stasis or boredom, but Goldin sparked them all into revealing what the play was all about: the clash of personal prejudices and passions against actual truth."
"This superb showing is excellently directed by Igor Goldin… The cast of thirteen all get their moment to shine even providing well placed comic relief in the midst of the thick tension that builds throughout the two act production."
- Melissa Giordano, BROADWAYWORLD.COM
"Engeman's production, masterfully directed by Igor Goldin, is thought-provoking and takes the audience on an emotional roller-coaster ride."
- Elise Pearlman, NORTHPORT PATCH
"Director Igor Goldin returns to the Engeman stage fresh from this summer's smash hit "South Pacific." Any director who can excel at guiding a bunch of girl-hungry Sailors along the sands of Bali-Hai…then turn around and take the measure of a dozen dissimilar adjudicators in a locked jury room…such a person is worth his weight in plaudits."

"The gorgeous Long Island venue executes an enchanting incarnation - superbly directed by Igor Goldin…An inspired cast, beautiful music, and the stunning John W. Engeman Theater make for a delightful night of theatre."
- Melissa Giordano, BROADWAYWORLD.COM
"You'll find few better opportunities to appreciate "Evita" than in this emotionally charged Engeman Theater reincarnation. Forget the 2012 Broadway revival with Ricky Martin as Ché or the dreadful 1996 Madonna movie — this "Evita" feels authentic."
- Steve Parks, NEWSDAY
"…In the hands of Director Igor Goldin and an exemplary cast, this historical saga revisited in song is a powerhouse of a production. It draws you in, enthralls and leaves you wanting more…Prepare for a magical night."
"Credit director Igor Goldin for flawlessly guiding his charges in this musical… everyone in this lush production contributes to another Engeman blockbuster."
"The hauntingly beautiful musical production of Evita now awaits you at Northport's John W. Engeman Theater. A packed opening night drew standing ovations…The cast is so talented, with multiple Broadway credits, and this production is a true example of Broadway on Main Street and a must-see for theater lovers."
- Claudia D. Wheeler, VILLAGE TATTLER
"With direction by Igor Goldin, and scenic design by Daniel Willis, the use of the stage was astutely managed. A clever scene of political musical chairs demonstrated Juan Peron's rise to power, while moving staircases and onstage costume changes deftly progressed the action."
-Kristen Weyer, NY THEATRE GUIDE
"…director Igor Goldin must make do with a small stage and relatively small cast of 14…Mr. Goldin often does a fine job, as do the actors."
-Aileen Jacobson, THE NEW YORK TIMES

The Gig
"…here's something else that spectacularly deserves a move. It's The Gig…Again, you wouldn't want to choose a first among equals, but you would want to thank director Igor Goldin for how he's meshed all elements…Theatergoers who follow these things will know that Goldin directed Yank! at the York a few years back and was supposed to take on the same chore when the top-notch musical moved to Broadway. That never happened, just as The Gig hasn't received the wider exposure it's earned, when--I can't resist pointing this out--so many vastly inferior properties have. There must be a musical comedy god or goddess (Thalia? Terpsichore?) somewhere who can right these egregious wrongs--and pronto."
"Worthy of being picked up for an open run. The evolving story and Cohen's good songs, along with catchy dialogue inherited from the movie, all combine into steady fun. The eleven actors…handle their fictional instruments as well as their salty dialogue under Igor Goldin's savvy direction. It would be nice if some enterprising producer transferred the show to another Off Broadway stage."
"…But if this production, which has been directed by Igor Goldin and features a stellar cast, is any indication, it won't be stepping into the shadows anytime soon. …Not a false note is struck in their performances, and the actors' interplay is so strong that to dwell on any one might risk diminishing the others, which would be truly unfair. But as an anchoring presence, Cahn is especially superb…he guides the narrative with no less a sure hand than Goldin, who's put together a thoroughly fluid and stripped-down-but-sumptuous rendering of the men's story."
- Matthew Murray, TALKIN' BROADWAY
"The Gig is a pleasure to watch from start to finish…Igor Goldin directs an effectively bare-bones production…So, forget the Catskills. These boys should be playing Broadway!"
"The Gig is written, directed and acted by real pros. To watch these guys' six piece jazz band play music –WITHOUT INSTRUMENTS – is by itself worth the price of admission. This play never hits a false note. By the time the show ended, my face hurt from smiling and laughing.This is a New York Musical Festival winner!"

The Music Man
"…one of the finest musical productions ever presented on a Long Island stage—that's how good "The Music Man" was at Saturday's Engeman Theater press opening in Northport…In the hands of prize-winning Director Igor Goldin, Rob Gallagher turns in a spectacular performance as the slick salesman Harold Hill…I was privileged to review the original "Music Man" for my college newspaper at its debut on Broadway in 1957, and I can assure you that Gallagher is every bit as good as the iconic Robert Preston was that opening night."
"Although more than 50 years have passed since its Broadway debut, the show has lost none of its magic, humor or ability to tug on our heartstrings. Under the direction of Igor Goldin, the Engeman cast brings it all to fruition so beautifully and enthusiastically that they make it new again. Prepare to be bewitched, and to fall in love with the characters. You won't want it to end.… I heartily commend everyone involved with this production."
"Directing was the job of Igor Goldin who was confronted by a massive responsibility of blocking and interpretation. His resume, loaded as it is with many awards, stood him in good stead to take on "The Music Man." His stage skills had eminent success in this show… This is what the Engeman brings together; a host of expertise in the aesthetic dimension with sharp skills in directing, choreography, design. The result: great theatah."
"All of the productions at Northport's John W. Engeman Theatre are a special treat. Their current offering, Meredith Wilson's The Music Man, is certainly no exception. The fantastic production, running through May 18th at the gorgeous Long Island venue, boasts a top notch cast who deliver Broadway caliber performances."

South Pacific
"...under the deft direction of Igor Goldin, every conversation propels the characters' relationships and the musical's themes, creating a vibrant portrait of life during wartime… a stellar achievement."
- Aileen Jacobson, THE NEW YORK TIMES
"…Goldin directs Gallagher in a balanced way that allows audiences to fall in love with his de Beque right alongside Carson's Nellie…Goldin's excellent direction and Antoinette DiPietropolo's creative choreography help curate this large cast into a stand-out ensemble…An inspired rendition of what is considered to be one of the greatest musicals composed by Rodgers and Hammerstein, this South Pacific will leave you with the smell of salt water in your hair, sand between your toes, and a sobering enjoyment that will last until John W. Engeman Theater's next superb treat."
"Northport's Engeman Theatre has something special on their hands with their latest production of the Rodgers and Hammerstein's Tony Award winning musical South Pacific…Leading the beautiful cast of this Igor Goldin directed incarnation are the wonderful Kim Carson as Nellie Forbush and Rob Gallagher, as Emile De Becque…The Engeman delivers nothing short of wonderful theatre and South Pacific is no exception. A wonderful cast and a classic show certainly makes this production, dare I say, a must-see."
- Melissa Giordano, BROADWAYWORLD.COM
"…Impressive acting, singing and directing, together with music and costumes make this a winner…Igor Goldin directed it with the sure and certain skill of his previous efforts. Blocking and interpretation were flawless, and masterfully integrated with choreography and lighting — the last two handled with innate craftsmanship of Antoniette DiPietropolo and Cory Pattak, respectively."
"…stunning production of the classic, "South Pacific" opened last week…Saturday's night's performance received a resounding standing ovation and rightfully so…The highly talented cast directed by Igor Goldin and assembled by Stephen DeAngelis brings this powerful story to glorious fruition every step of the way."
- Elise Pearlman, NORTHPORT PATCH

Crossing Swords
"Frankly, the only reason I bothered to attend Crossing Swords was the presence of director Igor Goldin, who helmed Yank!, one of my favorite musicals in recent years and one I still wait to see on Broadway… So what a pleasant surprise to discover a sophisticated, warm-hearted musical with subtlety, a great cast, some strong tunes and ambition…he directs with aplomb and sensitivity… this is a smart and very enjoyable show bursting with talent both onstage and off."
"There is something awe-inspiring about the economy of this show...Under the surefooted direction of Igor Goldin, the show never loses focus nor does the sense of time and place never become jumbled — a remarkable feat... Crossing Swords is so intelligently written and sensitively acted, it makes the genre feel fresh and new."
- Zachary Stewar, THEATERMANIA.COM
"A potent mixture of charm and angst characterizes Joe Slabe's appealing new tuner, Crossing Swords...engagingly staged by director Igor Goldin and fight director Trey Compton...Each member of the cast has strong moments."

Pride and Prejudice

"Just when you start to despair about the art of storytelling, along comes Jane Austen..."Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, a musical"...this delightful adaptation is remarkably true to its source material, showing an incisive grasp of character and narrative drive...this gorgeously sung show captures the essence of the cherished novel with grace and skill."
- David Rooney, THE NEW YORK TIMES
"One of many shrewd decisions marking the gratifyingly successful adaptation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, is the inclusion of Austen herself as a main character...Credit for this refreshing take on the story should also go to director Igor Goldin, who at an early moment has the players confront Austen collectively as if saying "Prove yourself to us," and to choreographer Jeffry Denman, who uses the several ballroom dances as much for dramatic developments as for period charm."
- David Finkle, THEATREMANIA
"Unexpected pleasures abound in this romantic, lyrical and just about perfect production of "Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice"...Stylish in its simplicity, it's one of the finest all around productions of NYMF I have ever seen...The direction by Igor Goldin is inspired and the production is breathtakingly staged...'Bravo!' to everyone involved."
"...Igor Goldin has directed efficiently and dynamically."
- Matthew Murray, TALKIN' BROADWAY
"...a solid piece of musical theatre that will thrill fans of Jane Austen to the very core. A huge part of that success is due to the masterful direction of Igor Goldin who manages a cast of 20 with a great sense of ease and finesse...If you're a fan of sweeping romantic musicals and/or Jane Austen, you will flip for Pride and Prejudice."
- Zak Risinger, THEASY.COM
"...Ultimately, the fact that a musical can't mimic a novel's subtlety hardly mattered; "Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice" was a smashing success within its own form... The on-the-nose cast and devoted creators won over the festival audience completely; given the buzz in the packed house during intermission and after the show, I wouldn't be surprised if this production ends up back in New York for a lengthier run."
"**** Thoroughly magnificent. This goes beyond a top NYMF show; it's one of the finest musicals to grace NYC. The entire run quickly sold out. If you don't have tickets, see this when it moves to Broadway—and elevates Broadway with its astonishing intelligence, sensitivity, ambitious vision, and nuanced care to every detail."

With Glee

"Before discussing why "With Glee," a delightfully daffy musical at the Kirk Theater, is the perfect summer show, let's give credit to Igor Goldin, its director, and Antoinette DiPietropolo, its choreographer, for some spectacular inside-the-box thinking. The box in question is the Kirk's stage, which is not very generous in the elbow-room department, but Mr. Goldin (York Theater Company's "Yank!") and Ms. DiPietropolo have crammed the musical numbers with surprise after surprise. Lesser minds would have looked at the unforgiving dimensions and given up on anything beyond a stand-and-sing delivery."
"It's a cinch to understand why this show caught the eyes of NYMF judges, who put it in the 2007 Festival, and why Prospect and director Igor Goldin have picked it up now. This thoroughly winning story about a quintet of young men from disparate backgrounds who bond over one tumultuous school year is one of the cleanest, clearest, and most innately honest musicals New York has seen in a while...delivering one of the most shocking coups de théâtre outside of David Cromer's Our Town merely by having one character walk onstage. You understand not just who these people are, but why and how they are — and where they're going (or not), thanks to seeds planted long before we ever met them. It's an easy-on-the-eyes-and-ears musical with no easy answers."
- Matthew Murray, TALKIN' BROADWAY
"On the basis of its familiar plot outline, there is no way to know that "With Glee" is such a refreshing, unpretentiously smart and endearing little musical...But composer-author John Gregor ("Pinkalicious") and director Igor Goldin ("Yank") have created a 90-minute work of imagination that finds real emotion in the playfulness and genuine individuals inside the stereotypes."
- Linda Wine, NEWSDAY
"A new musical is saved by a sure directorial hand and a talented cast...blame director Igor Goldin, who has shown a flair for burnishing good shows (Like You Like It at Gallery Players) and making slightly more palatable the lesser ones (Yank! at The York). In his sure hands, it's to Goldin's credit that he managed to find five actors who could play teens without resorting to simpering or ersatz bluster, because there's not a bad performance among them."
- Mark Peikert, NEW YORK PRESS
"Directed with verve by Yank!'s Igor Goldin for Prospect Theatre Company"
- Adam Feldman, TIME OUT NEW YORK
"Director Igor Goldin's inventive staging makes the most of the tiny playing area."
- Frank Scheck, NEW YORK POST
"With Glee will make you remember the days when you were trying to figure out your own identity, and have you laughing and reminiscing about your own school days...this show is one that deserves a larger house, and an extended run."
- Amy E. Whitting, NY THEATRE
"With Glee's self-awareness, charm and tremendous wit make the predictable story a goofy pleasure to watch unfold. The cast is fantastic, with the boys all pitch-perfect...Director Igor Goldin does great work with the ensemble, creating a few knockout production numbers. (Antoinette DiPietropolo choreographed.)"

"With Glee might be the sleeper hit of the summer. John Gregor's buoyant musical...beautifully captures the bond of five wayward teenage boys shipped off to a "bad kid" boarding academy in Maine. As he did with the gay WWII musical Yank!, director Igor Goldin works miracles with a small space and a spry male cast, which includes Zach Bandler, Max Spitulnik, Dan Lawler, and Christopher Davis Carlisle as a rich kid, a poor thief, a weirdo, and a pest — stereotypes tweaked for freshness. Cutie Jason Edward Cook is a standout as Kip, the ostensibly gay kid who finds it odd that his dad would straighten him out by sending him to an all-boys school. Kip's not yet sure he's gay, but he does have an Aspects of Love poster and the highest kicks in the chorus line."


”Yank!...often has both pungency and point. Igor Goldin's swift, tautly drilled production, energized by Ray Klausen's ingenious sliding-panel set and Denman's spiffy musical staging, carries conviction.”
- Michael Feingold, VILLAGE VOICE
“Director Igor Goldin makes the most of the material and stages the production with economy and low-tech grace. He shows that all you need to make theatrical magic is four sliding panels.”
- Joe Dziemianowicz, NY DAILY NEWS
“Yank! is defiantly conventional...It's almost as though Igor Goldin's stark production for the York were daring the audience to laugh at the application of time-tested conventions to a gay romance, and it is a tribute to the skill involved that the audience, for the most part, falls right in's sincerity is part of its power.”
- Adam Feldman, TIME OUT NY
“Director Igor goldin pulls it all together with a fluid staging...Now the season isn't over yet, but I'd go so far as to say that YANK! could be the best original musical so far. If there's any justice it will have a life beyond the run at the York Theatre. I'm not asking, I'm telling you: go see YANK!”
- David Cote, NY1
"Yank! is the most exciting new American musical since "Adding Machine...Yank! marks the York's most impressive production in memory; the cast of 12 and five-piece band is lavish by company standards...Director Igor Goldin has gotten good performances...Yank! is a bright, original and moving winner of a musical that earns its exclamation point.”
-Steven Suskin, VARIETY
“...supremely entertaining. Often unabashedly romantic and quite funny, this sweetly old-fashioned show never slips into a soupiness that might lessen the effectiveness of its emotional message...Director Igor Goldin and choreographer Jeffry Denman have made the tiny St. Peter's stage work to the show's advantage.”
- Michael Kuchwara, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS
“Though the script is sprinkled with parody, director Igor Goldin never lets the action descend into broad sketch comedy. He puts the sweet and painful story of Stu and Mitch center stage and keeps it real. This little musical could definitely march beyond its current engagement into a commercial run Off-Broadway and onto the roster of many a regional theater.”
“...some twenty musical numbers illuminate, enliven, drive the story. They are inventively staged by Igor Goldin and choreographer Jeffrey Denman...All four of the creators have been with the project since its inception...This commitment has paid off for all of them, for New York has finally acknowledged them...There should be banners around town – “See Yank! at the York!”

The New Century

“...director Igor Goldin, who staged “Yank!” last year at Diversionary, for the most part comes up with another winner here.”
“If you’re looking for a good laugh ---- then Paul Rudnick’s “The New Century” at Diversionary Theatre is your holiday sure-thing...Director Igor Goldin delivers a suitably riotous staging of Rudnick's most recent play.”
“The New Century, gets its West Coast Premiere in a terrific production under the able direction of Igor Goldin...adding up to two acts of outrageous hilarity and (believe it or not) a tear or two.”
- Steven Stanley, STAGESCENE LA
“Diversionary has given San Diego audiences the theatrical equivalent of the perfect holiday drink in The New Century - bubbly but not frothy, ample but not’s a fun ride with just enough poignancy to keep it grounded.”
“Director Igor Goldin has coaxed some excellent physical nuances from his personnel, whose every flounce speaks to their characters’ disparate natures.”
-Martin Jones Westlin, SAN DIEGO CITY BEAT
“...skillfully directed by Igor Goldin, is a politically incorrect and very hilarious comedy that manages to navigate through some highly controversial terrain with a deft hand and lots of laughs.“


"CRITIC’S CHOICE - The word on “Yank!”: It's just about crazy good…funny, moving and true…New York-based director Igor Goldin stages the show with a deft sense of flow."
"CRITIC'S PICK - The tight flashy, and moving Diversionary Theatre production is outstanding. Director Igor Goldin has staged the musical before, and it shows in the precision of scenes, in his choreography, and in the confidence of his ensemble cast."
"BEST BET - Both the musical and the production are delightful: engaging, funny, and heartrending... Goldin's direction is inventive and lively... Goldin keeps the action sharp and comical."
- Pat Launer, CURTAIN CALLS - KSDS Jazz 88.3
"A beautifully written, beautifully directed and choreographed show... Igor Goldin has directed with a heartfelt touch... I loved this show!"
"…a WOW! of a production it is, thanks a terrific cast, staging by the original New York director Igor Goldin, and the hands-on presence of book and lyrics writer David Zellnik and composer Joseph Zellnik… Director Goldin has brought out the best in his cast, whose work here must surely rival that of the New York originals."
- Steven Stanley, STAGESCENE L.A.


"As directed by Igor Goldin, the evening moved along at a remarkable pace. This NY Musical Theater Festival production is a gem."
- Joseph F. Panarello, BROADWAYWORLD.COM
"…skillful staging…Goldin has come up with smoother scene transitions than many a hydraulic-assisted Broadway production, and this creativity is exciting.”
- Matt Schicker, NYTHEATRE.COM
"…a winning and sobering new musical…Yank! moves as effortlessly between the jokes and the earnestness as the best traditional musical comedy does, and none of the transitions ever seem forced. Igor Goldin's direction keeps the show moving with cinematic fluidity.”
- Matthew Murray, TALKIN' BROADWAY
"More fun will come in seeing if the surprise successes live on... It could happen for 'Yank!,' a well-received romp that accompanies the romance of gay WWII soldiers with swing and big-band numbers.”
- Mark Blankenship, VARIETY


"This is a well-acted, handsomely staged production…smoothly directed by Igor Goldin.”
"…the play pushes toward an affecting conclusion.”
"…rewarding as entertainment even as it is thought-provoking. Igor Goldin has provided delightfully muted direction that’s exactly right. Goldin highlights only the most vital moments and lets the audience make up its mind about the rest…From its first moments through to its brilliantly inconclusive ending, A RITUAL OF FAITH bubbles with tension and theatricality, making it an absorbing and disturbing examination of what drives everyone’s faith in God and themselves.”
- Matthew Murray, TALKIN' BROADWAY


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